Miracle: Notorious Bandits Kingpin Assures Farmers Safety, Orders Them To Go Back To Farm ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult


Residents of Magami in Gusau Local Government Area of Zamfara State are celebrating the relocation of Dogo Gide, a notorious terrorism kingpin.

Gide has instructed farmers to return to their fields without fear of abduction, SIXT-MEDIA LANE reports

Dogo Gide, allegedly involved in the abduction of students from a public school in Kuriga, Kaduna State, was reportedly wounded by troops of Operation Hadarin Daji (OPHD) on March 12 in Madada forest, Maru Local Government Area, Zamfara State, five days after the Kuriga abductions.

Following his encounter with the military, Gide relocated to Kizara, a community on the eastern fringe of Magami, and assumed control of the area.

He assured farmers they could safely return to their farms without fear of kidnapping or property seizure.

Dogo Gide has relocated to Kizara, a community at the eastern fringe of Magami, after his encounter with the military and has assumed control of turfs in the areas.

“He directed farmers to return to their farms without fear of abduction or seizure of properties,” a resident confided in SIXT-MEDIA LANE

A new song shared with Newsmen, released in June by unidentified singers allegedly from Tsafe, praises Mr Gide for relocating to their area, indicating the resumption of farming activities there.

Residents are celebrating because abduction for ransom and killings have stopped. Farm fields that were abandoned for over four years for fear of kidnapping have been cultivated this year after Dogo Gide’s directive,” the source added.

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