CP (Barr) Kolo Yusuf (Phd) Retired And Not Tired , Devotes His Life To Protect Others ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult


CP (Barr) Kolo Yusuf (Phd) Retired And Not Tired , Devotes His Life To Protect Others ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult

The motivation behind this piece is that, I’m especially drawn to the stories about those who put themselves second. Who willingly put their lives at risk. Who are driven to support principles, that to them matter so much, that they devote their lives to the protection of others.

Such is the story of CP Barr Kolo Yusuf (Phd) , a retired commissioner of police, and now the Senior Special Adviser on Security to the Executive Governor of Niger State, His Excellency, Mohammed Umar Bago.

CP Kolo Yusuf is well known for his passion in serving his father’s land sincerely in many capacities and cadre while rendering his expertise and wealth of experience for the good of his people and for the betterment of the Nation in general.

A well trained, refined, reformed and Educated retired police officer, permit me to borrow the words of “Plato” which says, and I quote, “It does not matter if the cobblers and masons fail to do their jobs well, but if the guardians fail, the democracy will crumble.”

Our Guardians and protectors in Nigeria are the Law Enforcement officers, The Military, both retired and serving personnels.

Such a unique and wonderful profession that the People have needed and counted on since the country’s inception, their supreme sacrifices which is still keeping the country together are ernomous, appealing and appreciated by sane minds.

The camaraderie personality of CP Kolo Yusuf is a great value and a tune of phenomenon affairs, his social lifestyle among a group of people with like-minded values is another reason behind his great result and feats he attained while serving the public in many capacities.

Human beings pushing themselves beyond both their physical and emotional limits is still another. The literal love they have for a greater good. Their drive to be a safeguard for our way of life and be a shield that protects the innocents from the world’s evils.

All of those impact me on an emotional level, such gestures motivates CP Kolo Yusuf’s passion and incessant quest and unalloyed loyalty and service for his father’s land via his capacity as Senior Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Niger State and as a retired commsioner of police, a man driven by passion and love of a Nation.

For us to defeat insurgency and terrorism in our Nation, all hands must be on desk, you don’t need to fold hands because you are retired from active service, that is even when you are needed the most to render your wealth of experience and expertise just like CP Kolo Yusuf who also came from Niger state, an area formerly ravaged and taken over by terrorists in the past, but his appointment by Governor Bago who had an Eagles eyes saw to the defeat and total decimation and elimination of the bandits and terrorists and the residents of Niger state can now sleep with their two eyes closed.

I’m always amazed that these men (and women, who are often overlooked) sacrificed, dropped everything, jeopardized everything and risked their lives in order to preserve our world and protect the populace as a whole.

And though we’ve always needed and relied on them, we have also taken them for granted. Worse, too often, we have abandoned them when their fight has been won, when their tours have been completed.

Perhaps, it’s simply the taking of their collective sacrifices for granted. Out of sight out of mind so to speak. Sad!

Other times the abandonment can be motivated by political opportunity. Great!

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