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It was Eliezer Yudkowsky who said and I quote “The police officer who puts their life on the line with no superpowers, no X-Ray vision, no super-strength, no ability to fly, and above all no invulnerability to bullets, reveals far greater virtue than Superman – who is only a mere superhero.” 

SP Agburum Chikwue Darlintina, the female super Cop and the Officer in-charge Of Gender ( Known as OC Gender) of the FIB STS,  became a household name due to the various successful exploits she recorded in combating crimes and bursting the den of  kidnappers and terrorists prone areas alongside with  other officers was inspiring and commendable, she courageously dares and takes some risks most men would consider impossible and comes out victoriously.

Indeed, it’s somehow becoming a reality with that popular proverb / adage that says “Whatever a man can do, a woman can do it better”  It only shows that our willingness to do things differently will always conquer our fears.

Many more cases of  kidnap SP Agburum Chikwue Darlintina handled with expertise and professionalism has endeared her to become one of her commander’s and superior officers favourites, and was awestruck and a tune of phenomenon affairs.

This quintessential pretty cop bridges all gulfs and levels  all mountain while busting the numerous den of rubbers and kidnappers causing havoc and menace in the country most especially in the city of Abuja and when asked about her motivations in taking such a risky giant strides and she responded and said;

Anytime I wake up after my normal morning devotional prayers , I always include this wonderful police passionate and emotional prayers which makes me to shade tears and become suber while reflecting on many things and it goes thus;

I ask for Your hand over my life today. I step out into the unknown every time I go out, and I never know what troubles I may face.

I need Your power and strength to do what I feel and called to do, and that is to protect lives and uphold the law.

Lord, I know You are with me, but often it is hard to remember that in the midst of such darkness, Shower me in your protection,  Enable me to walk courageously today in Your strength,  Help me to see the people I interact with as Your creation and for me to embody Your ways. This can be a tough job not just for me, but also my family, Help them to trust in Your calling on my life, the life of a police officer. Bring comfort and protection to my loved ones. And Lord help me to see how much good I am doing in this world by being a law enforcement officer. Amen.President Teddy Roosevelt described a “hero” as someone who is always preparing and willing to enter the arena to protect others. I agree.

President Teddy Roosevelt described a “hero” as someone who is always preparing and willing to enter the arena to protect others. I agree.

It is heartwarming to discover some hard working and fearless individuals like SP Agburum Chikwue Darlintina in a world where most ladies are afraid to dare and step into most difficult challenges, her type deserves every support and encouragement which will e eventually  signal to other officers that their is a reward and dignity in labour

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