ICIR Unethical “Pay And Publish” A Stain To Journalism, Injurious To Democracy And Humanity,   ~ Amb Prince Sixtus Opara ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult


In this piece I will try to substantiate the duty and functions of investigative Journalism which  is to reveal the truth and not portraying of falsehood, to root out facts many people often want to keep hidden, to re-establish fairness, to shine light in dark places.

Good investigative journalism is journalism’s strongest suit. Investigative journalism should be able to uncover the truth and not selective in its revelations due to monetary inducement as it’s been witnessed in most reportage today.

I went through one of the shady  unscrupulous and unverified article published by International center for investigative Journalism (ICIR) against the person of Dr Solomon Arase, former Inspector General Of Police and the current Chairman Police Service Commission, someone most people considered as one of the respected, reverenced and cleanest in times of Corruption and discipline , a highly educated humble gentleman whose steadfastness and undeterred focus and resilience in ensuring the welfare of the police officers in Nigeria remains his watchword.

Well, the problem with journalism is that many individuals who think they’re journalists, aren’t . The reason why I say this is because the claimants are not putting aside their allegiance towards their ideology . They’re favoring their belief in their political ideology and with malice , attacking their opposition without even doing a scintilla of valid research . Having no empirical evidence , they repeat their scathing Deception with no remorse for misleading their audiences. As shameful as it may be ,they obviously don’t care , based on their pernicious Collective agenda.

The five components of investigative journalism are research, analysis, reporting, editing, and presentation.

A good investigative journalist must research and  investigate his stories properly from the both ends before reporting and presenting to the general public, when that is lacking, it could be termed shady, hasty and unscrupulous and any same mind can see beyond that and considers it as a “Pay And Publish” article  and such practices erodes people’s trust in the media.

I wonder, Instead of looking for ways of resolving their differences with their former Employers, Copran International Limited, Mr Francis Mgboh supposedly a lawyer ( formerly with the company) who should be abreast with the knowledge of dispute resolutions have chosen the dirty way of dragging individuals who never had any transactions with them into his foray a misguided and deluded inconsequential issues that has nothing to do with Dr Arase , as long as we are  concerned whatever policy Dr Solomon Arase embarked on during his tenure as the Inspector General Of Police followed government’s laid down guidelines.

The Agreement and relationships between Copran International Limited is still intact and if their is any misdemeanor, the both parties who had the transaction should be the one to call each other out and not a misguided person like Barr Mgboh who is bittered about the now soared relationship between him and his former employer and thereby resort to the cheap help of the media propaganda .

I blame ICIR for the unprofessional and unethical reportage, they cheaply engage in this matter which had already exposed their concealed agenda and motive which is to denigrate the personality of Dr Solomon Arase, am happy that a litigation has been established against the media company and cohorts in the act.

When users encounter false or misleading information, it erodes their trust in online sources, making it difficult to distinguish credible news from misinformation.

A respected newspaper published an inaccurate front-page headline about a major political event, which eroded public trust.

A well-known news network aired a story with false quotes attributed to a prominent public figure, damaging its credibility.
An established magazine falsely reported scientific breakthroughs, leading to a loss of confidence in its reporting.
A popular online news aggregator featured unverified user-generated content as breaking news, causing skepticism among its audience.

A widely-followed blogger misrepresenting expert opinions to fit their agenda resulted in a decline of their readers’ trust.
There are even other people writing about the eroding trust in the media (not just me).Polarization and Misinformation often caters to people’s existing beliefs and biases, leading to increased polarization as individual

Polarization and Misinformation often caters to people’s existing beliefs and biases, leading to increased polarization as individual.

Amb Prince Sixtus Opara (Publisher / Media Consultant, Public Affairs Analyst, Defence Correspondence, The CEO SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT LIMITED, an Investigative Journalist, the publishers of sixtmedialane.com online News blog.) One of the leading online Newsblog (+2348036562634) writes from Abuja , Federal Capital Territory

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