Exposed: Plot To Eliminate Men Of The Nigerian Police Force Thicken Via a Spy Project ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult :


Exposed: Plot To Eliminate Men Of The Nigerian Police Force Thicken Via a Spy Project ~ Sixt-Media Lane Consult :

According to rule (3) of the world’s best selling book of history till date, 48 laws of power by Robert Greene, on how to crush an enemy.

Always lead people astray when it comes to your intentions. Ensure they don’t realize your plans too soon. They may react to your plans and thwart them.

it goes on to says and I quote “Use decoyed objects and desires and red herrings to throw people off the scent”

The ongoing spy structures by private developers directly inside the facilities of the Nigeria police STS, IRT and anti violence premises at Abbattoir, Apo Abuja

Hide your intentions not by closing up (with the risk of appearing secretive, and making people suspicious) but by talking endlessly about your desires and goals— just not your real ones. You will kill three birds with one stone: You appear friendly, open, and trusting; you conceal your intentions; and you send your rivals on time-consuming wild-goose chases.

Use smoke screens to disguise your actions. This derives from a simple truth: people can only focus on one thing at a time. It is really too difficult for them to imagine that the bland and harmless person they are dealing with is simultaneously setting up something else

As Kierkegaard wrote, “The world wants to be deceived.”

This piece is centered on the ongoing estate building project which could be termed as a spy project directly inside the facilities of the IGP STS, IRT, and anti violence office in Abbattoir Abuja, formerly known as SARS Arena by private developers.

This areas are supposedly maximum security and well guided environment due to the nature of their operation, this are where terrorists, kidnappers, bandits and other persons with heinous crimes are being investigated and thereby send to court after apprehension for trials and prosecution, and should be well guided , guarded and protected with utmost security , but surprisingly due to man’s insatiable quest for materialism we have sold our conscience and the lives of our men and women of the Nigerian Police who are there protecting us day and night for peanut.

How can plots of lands be allocated to individuals by the federal capital territory administration to build a spy project by the federal capital territory directly inside the facilities of the Nigerian Police and till today no one has raised an eye ball to stop such spy project ??

Some bunch of terrorists, their cohorts and sponsors could be monitoring the activities of the Nigerian Police from such estate, they can even move into the estate as tenants and eliminate the entire officers and free their members who are being apprehended and tried in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Must we jeopardise and risk the lives of our police officers that are securing us due to our insatiable quest for materialism??

Pls such project should be stopped and put to haemostatia and stand-down let the structure be demolished with immediate effect so as to preserve the lives of men and women of Nigerian Police force from imminent danger it could portray.

Our ignorance, negligence and inconsideration should not jeopardize the safety and lives of the people who are meant to protect us.

At this juncture am perplexed to state in-between the Nigerian Police force and the terrorists who are applying this rules on how to crush an Enemy!

Let’s be wise while pondering on chapter 15 which states thus:

Crush Your Enemy Totally When you have the chance, destroy your enemies completely. Show them no mercy, and they’ll be less likely to try to cross you in the future.

Let’s do our very best as human and leave the rest for God, to be fore warned is to before arm, let that project be put to halt as soon as possible.

My holy book said that my people perishes because of lack of knowledge, may we act and not perish by the special Grace of God Almighty.

Amb Prince Sixtus Opara (Publisher / Media Consultant, Public Affairs Analyst, The CEO SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT LIMITED, an Investigative Journalist, the publishers of online News blog.) One of the leading online Newsblog (+2348036562634)writes from Abuja , Federal Capital Territory

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