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Lagos State government, yesterday, yielded to pleas from owners of property located on drainage setbacks as they requested time to come up with options that would re-establish the setbacks without necessitating demolition.

The reprieve followed government’s continued dialogue with property owners on the corridor of Lekki County, Ikota GRA, Megamound Estate, Ajiran, Agungi, Orchid, Oral II and environs.

Speaking with the owners and residents at Alausa, Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, said the state is committed to re-establishing drainage setbacks which have been blocked or converted to access roads.

The state government would be humane in its approach to reclaim the drainage right and will give property owners and residents opportunity to proffer a solution to reclaiming the setback, till a particular date, to reduce the number of structures that would be affected,” Wahab said.

He told representatives from Megamound Estate that the System 44A that cut through Ikota GRA and Megamound is a 19.5 meters (width) channel, which has been blocked by Ikota GRA and Lekki County property owners and residents.

He said the government is determined to find a realistic solution to flooding in the areas: hence, the 31-metre drainage alignment would be re-established and six-metre setbacks on both sides would be recovered.

He said all property owners whose fences fell within the drainage setback would be served mandatory contravention notices as the law demands, while enforcement would be a last option.

At the meeting, affected property owners pleaded with the commissioner to temper justice with mercy and grant them an opportunity to come up with solutions. The commissioner, thereafter, urged the developers and builders to always seek drainage approvals before commencing projects.

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