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In a shocking revelation, Pastor Godwin Bankole is facing accusations of marrying another man’s wife and allegedly taking away his seven children. The accuser, Mr Uduak Usanga who claims to be the previous husband of Christiana Obot, asserts that Bankole’s actions are not only morally questionable but also demand the return of 6 million naira he paid as bride price.
[b]Christiana Obotthe woman in question, had initially been married to her first husband, with whom she had three children. Subsequently, she married the accuser, Mr Usanga and together they had four children, totaling seven.

The accuser questions the pastor’s choice to marry a woman with a significant age gap, urging him to consider a younger partner. Furthermore, he alleges having evidence of marriage payments and documentation related to their traditional marriage and wedding.

The aggrieved party questions whether Pastor Bankole’s church doctrine permits such unions and accuses him of stealing his wife and children. The accuser claims that the pastor is not only unapologetic but also threatening legal action through court and police.

In response to the accusations, Pastor Godwin Bankole has pleaded with the accuser to come to his house and collect his 6 million naira.

This ongoing marital dispute involving a pastor has stirred controversy, prompting questions about ethical conduct within religious communities. As tensions escalate, the demand for the return of 6 million naira remains at the forefront of this complex and contentious situation.

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