Testimony: How God Saved Me From The Accident That Killed 6 People (photos) – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Dear all, please help me praise God for sparing my life, not because I am better than those who lost their lives.

You see, some things are better imagined than experienced and what happened on Tuesday is better left as imagination than reality. For the first time I saw something coming after my life but God proved that it was not yet my time to die.

Note: I may not be able to write much as I still haven’t recovered from the shock, but I just want to share how God saved me. Also, am not a good writer, so dont expect the best.

What happened is that the trailer was coming from Ikom side, going to Ogoja while the Sienna bus was coming from the Ogoja side to Ikom, heading to Calabar, in Cross River state.

As okada man, I was to carry a bag of cassava for someone and drop for the owner using that road.

So what happened is that I was on speed trying to climb the hill on that road. Then a sienna was climbing the hill too but a bit distance from me. That is, I was behind the Sienna from a distance. The trailer was coming down from the hill. What I would say is that the trailer failed brake and lost control too and rammed into the Sienna bus that was climbing the hill even though the bus driver tried to dodge it. I don’t know how it is called in English that part of the road that has this natural deep pit from both sides of the road, that if a car by mistake leave the main road into the pit, the car will likely summersault many times before it will get to the bottom of the pit. I don’t know how else to explain this better but it was that kind of place that the accident happened. So from what I can say is that, the truck driver was trying to avoid falling into the pit but wanted to control the vehicle till it will stop by itself on a flat land but unfortunately he rammed into the bus that was coming in front of it, dragged it down the hill as it was going till the flat land, killing the occupants. As the bus was been dragged down, I could hear the people in the bus shouting. A very terrible accident scene that nobody would wish to experience in life.

So as I saw the truck dragging the bus down on speed, closing up with me, and if my choice was to turn 360 and run, I would have been caught up in it. Instead, my mind quickly told me, to avoid being consume, drive into the pit, which I did, jumped out of the bike as it was going down the pit while I was also rolling down on my own, hitting myself from one tree to the other, and at the same time, trying to hold anything to stop myself, untill I was stop by a tree. I can’t tell how the bike stopped by itself but it took the help of others to bring the bike out from the bottom of the pit.

Though I have wounded myself internally and physically, but is far better than those who unfortunately lost their dear lives. I believe God just wanted to give me another chance to live and testify His goodness.

The bike is seriously damaged and will require a lot to fix it. Same thing with my health. Still, i remain thankful to God for sparing my life even though for now, I’m in bad health condition and my source of survival which is the bike is gone too. He will restore all for me, amen.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

This is just Nairaland testimony, By the grace of God, once I can, I will do a proper one in church.

So brothers and sisters, help me thank God for sparing my life in the face of a fatal accident.

God bless you all and may you never die on road accident or experience it.

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