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Chief John Akajide Ikenna Okpala, a well known International prolific writer and an avowed advocate of good government has come out to lend his voice on the generated controversy which emanated from the well intentioned and wonderfully crafted letter by Chimamanda Adichie to the American Government on the highly manipulated and rigged 2023 presidential election by the APC rulling government and INEC in favour of Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu, saying that whosoever is against such letter is an enemy of the people and also an enemy of good governance and should not be taken serious, his call came as a reply to chief Femi Fani Kayode who came out openly to throw tantrum on Chimamanda saying that such was ill conceived and could only be motivated by stomach infrastrcture and insatiable appetite for greed and corruption and never a reality . He likened Femi Fani Kayode as an Agama lizard posing before a crocodile for attention.

Excerpt below

I went through FFK’s cringe-inducing rejoinder to Chimamanda’s Letter To President Biden, and I realised that something has gone terribly amiss with our friend Femi.

This is a man whose turn of prose I’ve always admired. Sure, he’s always come across as a ‘pen for hire’, dripping barrel loads of cloying, highfalutin poppycock to please his present employer, but one cannot help admiring, & equally abhoring his Luciferian talent at making black appear like white.

But for him to denigrate Chimamanda, even ridicule her stellar literally accomplishments? I mean where do you start comparing a crocodile and an Agama lizard? By what stretch of the imagination could one see them as classmates?

And I realised that all the high regard to which I’ve always held Femi was misplaced. In fact, I discovered that this man whom I’ve always figured for a frog does not even measure up to a toad. Just a frigging tadpole!

Seeking for a way to express my disappointment, I remembered a piece from my archives, written 3 years ago, that aptly describes him.

I reproduce it hereunder, & advise our sister, Chimamanda, to adhere to the counsel contained therein, and see Femi’s insults as late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo once said, the rantings of an ant.


“Some people”, said a sage, (Nietzsche I think), “are like insects. They never get noticed unless they sting”. Truer words have never been spoken. There are people that thrive only on putting others at a disadvantage. They spend hours, days, months, even years plotting another’s downfall, drying up from the anus if they don’t get their way. & cackling with perverse delight if they do.

The story is told of a naked mad man that snuck up on a man bathing in a stream, picked up his clothes hanging on a branch by the river bank, & proceeded to don them. But before he could do that, the owner looked up, took in the scene, and with a furious bellow, pelted out of the stream. The mad man seeing the owner puce with rage coming after him, spun & dashed off with the clothes in his hands, both stark staring naked!

Passersby gave them a wide berth. And most being acquainted with both, wondered…

They wondered if there are now two madmen in their community. Everyone is used to seeing the first man naked. But the second? That’s new. The question then is, who is the madder of the two?

What do you call someone wrestling with a pig in the mud? The pig is not aware of doing anything out of hand. He’s doing what he does best, in his natural habitat. But you that is joining issues with him, you that is so incensed with him you want to get your own back without minding where, or how, what do you call yourself? A pig, that’s what!
And that’s only at best. At worst you’re even worse. You might not come out of it with only your dignity or resources in tatters. You might lose your head.

Yet that is what most of us do- try to fight a mad man holding our clothes on their own turf, instead of finding a makeshift covering that will help us save face, and live to fight another day. And we end up looking madder than them.

How do you expect to wrestle with a pig in his favourite ring- the mud, & expect to look anything better than a hog? Or how do you expect to swath an irritant mosquito, without having your ears ring from a self administered whack, to the glee of the mad man, the pig or the mosquito!

Why give such people the time of day? Why recognise them & give them the weird, perverse satisfaction that make their day, & makes you in turn, a bovine ass? Why don’t you simply slay them with inattention? Refuse to recognise them no matter how irritating! Smile condescendingly, cluck your tongue in understanding of the demons pursuing them, and pray for their souls. As the Scriptures said, you’ll actually be heaping hot coals on their sorry pates. And chalking up blessings for yourself bf the King of kings.

Or would you prefer being a mosquito, a loco or a hog? God forbid!

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