Guidelines As NPF Digitalizes Central Motor Registry And Stolen Vehicles Reporting Portal. – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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About the Nigeria Police Force Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS)

Welcome to the
Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS)

This application is to enable motor vehicle owners seamlessly apply for Nigeria Police Central Motor Registry information about vehicle ownership and other details that will be useful in the investigation of motor vehicle theft and recovery and for enhancing national security.

How To Apply

Step 1
Click “Get Started”

Step 2
Create a profile using NIN or Driver’s Licence or TIN

Step 3
If profile exists, login using your access credentials

Step 4
CMR Request: Select a Request, then Select a Sub Request

Step 5
Provide Vehicle Details and click “Next”

Step 6
Check box to confirm accuracy of Vehicle Details and click “Proceed”

Step 7
View invoice and click “Make Payment” using any of the payment methods

Step 8
Details of request will be sent to registered phone number or email address.

About the Nigeria Police Force Stolen Vehicle Reporting Portal

Welcome to the Stolen Vehicle Report Portal

One of the functions of the Nigeria Police Force is to protect the properties of citizens. This service is created for members of the public to report their stolen and yet to be recovered vehicles which occured from 1st January, 2018.

About this Service

Incidences of vehicle theft are reported to the Nigeria Police Force for investigation that would lead to the recovery of such vehicles, apprehension and prosecution of the offenders. Some of the stolen vehicles end up not being recovered and the perpetrators end up escaping the long arms of the law.
This tends to encourage the continued indulgence in the unwholesome activity and attracting other criminally-minded persons to engage in it.

The Nigeria Police Force in its determined effort to protect the properties of citizens in Nigeria, created this website to enable members of the public report their vehicles that were stolen from 1st January 2018 and yet to be recovered.
It is a free service and a precursor to the transition of the current method of registering vehicles by the Nigeria Police Central Motor Registry (CMR) to a digitized mode with the aim of checkmating and preventing the registration of such stolen vehicles.

This service is available up till 31st of December 2022 as the modernized CMR including its e-enforcement operations will commence on 1st December 2022. Members of the public are therefore enjoined to seize this window of opportunity to report the theft of their vehicle which are yet to be recovered and support the Nigeria Police Force efforts at enhancing national security.

How to Report

•Your vehicle had been stolen between January 2018 and 31st Dec 2022.

•The theft was reported to the Nigeria Police Force through one of its Divisions/Stations

•If not reported, go to the Police Station to make a report. Otherwise Continue

•As at date, the vehicle is yet to be recovered, then

Step 1
Click Get Started to create a profile and register on the platform

Step 2
Select Current State and LGA of residence and click “Next”

Step 3
Provide the required information about the stolen vehicle and submit.


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