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They’ve never succeeded in anything good, except in evil.

A political Party that rented fake Bishops and insisted that they’re real Bishops.

A Party that will plant fake side Chick on Pastors, generate fake bank transfers from a Pastor to the side Chick and photoshopped pictures of the Duo making out.

A Party that will order the Military to shoot at peaceful, harmless #EndSARS Protesters and still deny till date that the Military wasn’t invited, never showed up at the scene, let alone shoot at anybody.

A Party that sponsored Thugs/fake #EndSARS Protesters who destroyed properties, killed and maimed lives and they denied it.

A Party that unleashed Thugs on Voters who intimidated, suppressed, maimed and killed the Latter and claimed nothing of such ever happened, despite glaring, visible handy evidences in the public domain.

A political Party that packages a drug Lord, falsifies everything about him, perhaps even the colour of his blood, presents him as a Saint and argues vehemently that he is one.

A Party that sells falsehood to her Supporters and hypnotizes them into believing same, and makes them analyze matters irrationally.

A Party that will shamelessly tell you that Bullion Vans missed their way and mistakenly ended up in the residence of a drug Baron on the eve of an election, and they argue and insist that was what happened.

A Party that her Candidate is less than 12 years older than his biological daughter and they insist that’s his real age, and their Supporters, even Professors amongst them glee in the euphoria of such falsehood.

A Party whose Lawyer-member, a SAN, shamelessly comes on a national Television to say that forfeiture of money (proceeds) from narcotics to the Government of a country by a drug Lord doesn’t in any way make the drug Baron a Criminal nor the act of forfeiture criminality.

A Party that stage-plans a show of shame onboard an Airplane, using a Staff of the drug Lord’s Television Station, just to discredit and tarnish the image of a man they have before now paid heavily, dug deeply for any possible evidence to use, no matter how weak and vague it might be.

A Party that her Chief Thug threatened a particular ethnicity and all non Supporters of the Party before elections, and their compromised Nigeria Police Force said it was just a joke. When the joke became reality, the compromised NPF was activated into silent mode, and they distracted gullible Nigerians 🇳🇬 with trivialities.

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