PSC: New Dawn For Police Officers As Dr Solomon Arase Declares Police Welfare And General wellbeing As Paramount And Core Focus In His Tenure As PSC Chairman~ SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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PSC: New Dawn For Police Officers As Dr Solomon Arase Declares Police Welfare And General wellbeing As Paramount And Core focus In His Tenure As PSC Chairman ~ SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

It is said when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice, little wonder there was great Jubilation all over Nigeria especially within the Nigerian Police force and the staff of the Police Service commission with appointment of Dr Solomon Arase as the 5th ~indigenous~ chairman of Police Service Commission (PSC) by President Muhammad Buhari.

Dr Solomon Arase in his typical pragmatic approach to duty didn’t hesitated to swing into action, immediately after his swearing-in by President Muhammad Buhari. He swiftly resumed office the next day while promising to run an all inclusive and transparent system with every member of the commission being carried along to enable swift delivery on the mandate bestowed on them. He also promised sanitisation and total reformation of the Nigerian Police, in his capacity as the Head of the regulatory body and Commission, to the acceptable standards of Global best practices, while prioritising the welfare and general well-being of personnel, for effective policing.

Many Nigerians have over the years admired the sagacity and leadership style, strength and zeal Dr Solomon Arase brings with him in all his dealings.

Upon Dr Arase’s assumption of office, at the PSC temporary office based at the Federal Secretariats, he had series of meetings with at least five different Bodies and Groups, including the Commission’s Management Team, the Union Leadership, the Commissioners of PSC and the Media. He also promised to henceforth introduce a Media parley for questions and answers sessions regarding the Commission and the affairs of the Nigerian Police force. This will ensure prompt resolutions of issues raused.
This is indeed a new dawn for the Nigerian Police Force .

Dr Solomon Arase also Promised to work tirelessly in order to hasten the completion of the PSC Corporate Headquarters to ensure relocation as soon as possible with days. This Project has lingered for over twelve to thirteen years. He’s of the strong view of a good environment improving the efficiency of people for excellent results. Ease and peace of mind at the work place for delivers the best in everyone. He has already begun tackling all issues of past grievances within the commission for amicable settlement.
We look forward to this new dawn under the dynamic Leadership of Dr Solomon Arase.
We pray to the Almighty God for his well-being and success in this role.

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