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Ambassador Festus Nnamdi Chukwu, a renowned diplomat and one of the household names amongst the people pushing for His Excellency Mr Peter Obi’s candidacy of succeeding General Muhammad Buhari as the next Nigerian President come this February 2023 has once again echoed his voice on the need for all well meaning Nigerians who wish to see the prosperous Nigeria we all yearn and crave for many decades to rally their support around Mr Peter to actualize his mandate of becoming Nigeria’s next President .

In his word, he said this is why I am committing my meagre resources, my intellect, my dwindling energy, and my time in supporting Peter Obi/Datti Ahmed for a change in the leadership of our beloved country. That is why I have put in all my efforts to attend all the campaign rallies in almost all the States.

This is not the normal political parties electioneering campaign. This is a silent and peaceful revolution in the form of a movement. Any attempt to make this revolution impossible might lead a violent revolution. It is not about commitment or loyalty to any political party. It is about making the right choice of the person to lead the country at this trying time to rebuild our country. It is about competence, capacity, credibility, commitment and the character of the leader; it is about the survival of our country, the restoration of our pride as citizen and as a nation; it is about taking back our country from a bunch of selfish, unpatriotic and corrupt elites who have no interest in the integrity of our polity and transforming our social, cultural and economic environments; it is about instilling probity and accountability in our ways of doing business and the dire need for a new brand of transformative, citizen-focused and purposeful leadership to streamline governance, making it more responsive, transformative, effective, less transactional, efficient and cost-effective. Above all, this about restoring our place of pride as citizens and as a nation globally and among our brothers and sisters in Africa,in particular by reasserting proactively Nigeria’s leadership role in African affairs . We are tired of sitting on fence and leaving a few unscrupulous elites to gang up and seize our commonwealth for themselves, their families and cronies at the detriment of our national interests. Every sane and patriotic Nigerian is expected to wake up from our deep slumber to confront these shameless corrupt politicians who throw our foolishness before our faces with impunity. The Peter Obi Movement philosophy of “Making a New Nigeria” is necessary and timely in energising the forces in our diversity and creating the appropriate mindset in our people to propel us to a higher height in our exploit among the committee of nations. It is obviously against this backdrop that the vision of Peter Obi, the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, for a Transformative Governance in Nigeria resonates with most Nigerians, particularly the Nigerian youth and middle age groups. The response to this vision has been revolutionary as many patriotic Nigerians like myself have keyed in and deployed meager resources at our disposal to galvanise Nigerians from all walks of life to be part of the project. The impact of re-echoing this vision is that the Nigerian youths, who have long been victims of the failed system are deploying their intellect, resources, creative and innovative skills to take back their country from the hands of the few corrupt elites who are bent on dimming the light of our greatness and foisting poverty on the majority of our people. Nigerian youths and most Nigerians are making statements of their determination for a New Nigerian. They are persistent in their demand for effective change in the country’s governance. Therefore, this moment affords us the unique opportunity to craft strategies to support the Peter Obi Movement. It is for this reason that most Nigerians are not going to vote along party lines in the Presidential Election, I can tell you that for free. I have been to most of the campaign rallies across the country at my own costs and trust me, the crowd at these rallies are organic, they are not rented crowd as you find at other political parties rallies. We cannot afford to fail them again and therefore, we must do everything possible to get it right this time.

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