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I have been a diplomat for over thirty five years now and am in a better position to tell the people how the whole world Perceives and view Nigerians having worked with Ecowas for many years and we the diplomats are not excluded hence you mention that you are a Nigerian their moods and countenances changes towards you Immediately and thereby subject you into unnecessary and undeserved scrutiny and all that scenario has to change, and it can only be possibly achieved if some persons like Peter Obi who is widely reverenced and respected internationally as a spotless incorruptible sincere politician who has the interest of the people of Nigeria at heart emerges as the President Federal Republic of Nigeria come this 2023 Presidential Election.

Of all the candidates who are vieng for that position Peter Obi is the most eminently qualified in times of character, accountability, humility wise, in simplicity , competency and trustworthiness I give it to his Excellency Mr Peter Obi quote me any where , Amb Nnamdi Chukwu reiterated.

If we the diplomats who by the virtue of our official assignments and engagements that has access to travel all over the globe without any immigration disturbances can still be subjected to undeserved and humiliating scrutinies at the airports before we could have our selves cleared how much more other Nigerians who traverses across the globe for their legitimate businesses, and your guess is as good as mine, with the emergence of Mr Peter Obi all those rubbish will be a thing of the past and Nigeria will regain it’s image in the comity of Nations.

For the umpteenth times now, such ugly scenario and dent has been there on the people of Nigeria and honestly if I may tell you, we don’t deserve such, because of bad leadership and the corrupt rulers and not leaders that are being voted into powers who lacks foresightedness and vision for development, Nigeria is now in a pariah State and a mockery before the international communities , they don’t see us as serious people any longer, they only view us all as corrupt people who always searches for slightest opportunities to defalcate and heist wealth either by prone or proxy to the detriments of the hapless and helpless people who on daily basis are yearning and praying for good governance to ameliorate their suffering.

My dear, when is this constant yearnings of Nigerians for good Governance and leadership is going to be put to a halt, it will stop right away when Mr Peter Obi is voted into power, the name Peter Obi is echoing not only in Nigeria, mind you, it’s echoing all over the globe, Nigeria is an Important country in this world, Nigeria is the home of all the blacks in the world, the capital of black Nation and you now think that we and every other well meaning Nigerians who have seen and tasted good leadership outside the shore of Nigeria will fold our hands and allow the status quo of seeing corrupt and greedy leaders occupying the mantle of leadership again ?? That a big lie , this time around anyone who meant well for this country make all the necessary sacrifice and ensure that Peter Obi is voted into power , Peter Obi is a game changer for most people who have kept us in this very situation for a long time.

Here in Abuja, I printed one thousand posters to some of the groups that are supporting Peter Obi, over there in my state in Imo State, I printed ten thousand posters for some other Peter Obi support groups too, I have been supporting and financing over fifty Peter Obi support groups with my personal money just to make sure Peter Obi becomes the president come this 2023 and I don’t have any regrets for such sacrifices and will still do more until he becomes president, because no sacrifice is too much for the emancipation of the people.

Ambassador Nnamdi Festus Chukwu is a household name in Nigeria and Africa , he has played major roles in Africa through Ecowas

Amb. Festus C. Nnamdi CHUKWU holds a Masters’ of Science Degree in Audit Management and Consultancy from the University of Central England in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, USA & England/Wales. He is also a Doctoral Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts in Nigeria and South Africa, Fellow in Strategic Business Management of the African Business School, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, and Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists.

Among the key positions he has held includes the Head of Mission Support of the African Union and ECOWAS-Led International Support Mission in Mali where he was responsible for supporting and implementing all mission support/administrative sections of the mission. He was also responsible for ensuring the provision and efficient use of all mission material requirements and provides logistical and administrative support required to all mission components.

Until his appointment as the Head of Mission Support of AFISMA, Amb. Nnamdi Chukwu held several senior management, audit and finance positions including the Head of Operational Audit and Consultancy of all ECOWAS Institutions, Specialized Institutions, Agencies and Offices with offices in most of the West African States; Head of Administration and Finance in Mali and Head of Disbursement at the ECOWAS Commission. Amb. Nnamdi Chukwu also held the position of Head of Aviation Pool at the African Reinsurance Corporation (an organization of the African Union).

Amb. Nnamdi Chukwu has excellent cross-functional skills, strong leadership instincts and collaborative management style. He is a rigorous, task-driven professional with vast experience in modern internal audit, Financial and Strategic Management and has participated in many International systems development and projects managements. Adept at leveraging strategic financial management skills with superior communicative and interpersonal skills to interact with diverse individuals and group at all levels to gain insightful ability to deliver effective solutions to organization-wide challenges.

He equally has vast experience in West African socio-economic environments having functioned at different places and capacities at different times.
He has attended International Conference/Seminars in many countries in Africa, Amsterdam, United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany among others. He has also been to several international organizations on capacity building missions including the European Commission, Brussels, Netherlands; OLAF, Brussels, Netherlands; Institute of Business Ethics, London, United Kingdom; HM Treasury Department, London, United Kingdom; Commonwealth Business Community, London; United Nations Logistic Depot, Brindisi, Italy; United Nations Procurement Department, USA; Microsoft Convergence Conference in Munich, Germany and International Audit Management Convergence Conference, Amsterdam.
Amb. Nnamdi Chukwu is an honorary member of the Nigerian Dental Association, Association of Students of English Studies, Ogun State University (Patron/Sponsor) and a member of the Board of Trustees of the African Youth Society. He is married with four children.

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