Fire For Fire:No Hope For Hope Uzodimma In 2023 Guber Election,Neither The Use Of Force Can Guaranty That~Amb Prince Sixtus Opara– SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Fire For Fire:No Hope For Hope Uzodimma In 2023 Guber Election,Neither The Use Of Force Can Guaranty That~Amb Prince Sixtus Opara

As we approach to the 2023 general election, their are lots of permutations here and there on contestants and their eligibilities and the capable ones amongst them who stands the chances of winning.

Pls note the different between eligible and capable here. In this very piece, we are beaming our torchlight in Imo state and the very persons who stands the chances of winning the Imo state Governorship Election .

It gladdens my heart while being emphatic here, when I say categorically that their is no hope for the present Governor Hope Uzodimma to come back the second time as the Governor of Imo State outside his abysmal poor performances and the numerous misdemeanors such as wanton killings and insecurity that has befell the state since his emergence as the Governor.

I wonder on what bases should people like him should be campaigning on this time around because they have failed woefully on the constitutional mandated primary responsibility of a government to safeguard life and properties of the people and make the atmosphere of the state condussively inhabitable for the citizens which now turned to be a mirage, but that’s just by the way and not the Crux of the matter here.

For the umpteenth times, politicians are known for the use of force and thuggery to intimidate and rig themselves to power against their opponents , but this time around I don’t think it will workout for them again, it’s gonna be a thing of the past, mainly in Imo state aside from the use of BVAS which will inadvertently curb the menace of ballot snatching to an extent and by extension.

We have painstakingly appraised all the Gubernatorial Aspirants in Imo State and came to the conclusion that Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (Rtd), one of the Labour Party Governorship Aspirants will be a hard to chew for Gov Hope Uzodimma who is known for arrogance and dictatorial in his style of leadership.

Could the Emergence of Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (Rtd) be seen or termed as the visitation of nemesis and karma for Hope Uzodimma? Time will tell, despite the enviable track records of the Indefatigable General, a soft spoken dogged man known for his simplicity, humility personified and gentility, a burnished Democrat whose firmness and advocate for good Governance is a tune of phenomenon affairs.

Power of incumbency and the use of force won’t save Hope Uzodimma this time around because that is what he is known for in the past, you can’t use force and intimation and will be eschew in it’s entirety, if not, it will be a fire to fire .

Force can’t be used on force himself, an atrocious and corrupt Civilian can’t also intimidate an honest Army General who is always privy to all the security apparatus, forces and personnels in the country , indeed it’s going to be an interesting fight between the corrupt and greedy civilian and an honest sincere retired Army General who has the interest of his people at heart, when the two engages in fight, your guess will be as good as mine.

General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (Rtd) is a dogged fighter for the oppressed, he is a man that can’t spare any thing withing his reach to bring a succour to the hapless and helpless people in the society and and Imo state by extension, such a man will fight it out with Governor Hope Uzodimma come this forthcoming election in Imo State if the Labour Party eventually grants him the party ticket in the State and make him their flag bearer in the forthcoming election.

Truly, the government of Imo State has performed abysmally woeful under Governor Hope Uzodimma and no sane mind would want his coming back into the government house for the second time, the hardships, sufferings and wanton killings witnessed in his regime by the people of the State is unprecedented and no one prays for afflictions for the second time.

The permutations that is expected to be going on in the mind of the leadership of Labour Party In Imo State now should be on the untainted dogged personalities who can become their party flag bearer in Imo State, using their Presidential Candidate Mr Peter Obi as the case study, a candidate who can fight and reclaim power from the present Governor, a fearless candidate who can look into his eyes severally and tell him the bitter truth, a candidate the incumbent will be afraid of and get frightened, an exceptional candidate that can’t be intimidated and that candidate is Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (Rtd) the Labour party should be thinking in this directions while making the choice of candidate/ their flag bearer in Imo State.

The General is going to be the only threat for Hope Uzodimma and also a great deal and succour for the people of Imo State who have suffer hugely in the past due to decadence and attrocious administration

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