SHOCKING: 89-Year-Old Paul Biya Of Cameroon Didn’t Know Where He Was, Farted In Public – SIXT-MEDIA pop pop pop pop popLANE CONSULT

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When some of us are advocating for a younger man that is agile and vibrant to take over the reins of power, some elements will say they prefer a grandfather to laud over.

His aide kept trying to prompt him to give his speech after Paul Kagame of Rwanda had spoken but the old man was too unaware of everything to be aware of anything, as he farted intermittently.

But I hope this embarrassing video of moment that Paul Biya of Cameroun didn’t know where he was, at the recently concluded US-Africa Summit in Washington DC.

It was the president of South Sudan 🇸🇸 urinating on himself in public.

Now, president of Cameroun not being aware of his environment.

Is that what we want for our country Nigeria 🇳🇬 too?

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