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It does not take time for a focused and visionary leader who knows exactly where he is heading, to achieve an oriented result withing a stipulated shortest period.

Consequently, It is high time we begin to assess and appraise some of the commendable and appreciable efforts of our quintessential Intelligent security personnels who have made us proud with some indelible remarkable and visible achievements.

And one of the notable police personalities whose track records within the shortest period of assuming office as the Commissioner of Police Lagos State is considered to be a tune of phenomenon affairs that can not be over emphasised and that person is CP Abiodun Sylvester Alabi, a quintessential and unique personality.

Upon assumption of office as the Commissioner of Police Lagos State on the 24th of January 2022, CP Sylvester Abiodun Alabi , a humility personified individual and a dogged crime fighter began the onerous task of sanitizing Lagos of all sorts of crimes and criminality for the inhabitants, visitors and investors who throngs into Lagos State on daily basis to transact their legitimate businesses and thrive peacefully without fear.

Before his assumption , their is no single day you won’t hear one form of crime or the other in Lagos State, be it ritual killing, armed robbery, kidnapping and violence of all sorts, but funny enough, those criminals have all ran away from Lagos State to the nearby states due to CP Sylvester Alabi’s unwavering resolve to curb crime to the barest minimum so that law abiding residents can sleep with their two eyes closed, while visitors who throngs into the state on a daily basis can transact and thrive while going about their legitimate businesses too.

CP Sylvester Abiodun Alabi’s numerous lined up blueprints and efforts of achieving a secured Lagos State while working alongside with the Governor Mr Babajide Sanwolu who is the number one chief security officer of the state is a tune of phenomenon affairs that worth commendation.

Nigerians should learn how to commend and appreciate our uniform personnels that have performed excellently, who always work tirelessly day and night in ensuring peace, stability and crime free society rather than engaging in condemnations and that is one of the main Crux of this piece and no sacrifice is as huge as someone who starves himself sleep, risks his personal safety and security while remaining awake and sleepless just for you to enjoy sleep and peace of mind and that is our Police and Military for you.

You can’t mention the qualities of a good leader and skipped CP Sylvester Abiodun Alabi, a detrabalized gentle man per excellent, a quintessential humility personified and soft spoken police officer who is always focused, committed and steadfast to duties while carrying along his subordinates unlike most people who are known for the engagements of intimidation for subordinates.

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