The Man Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (Rtd) And What His Emergence Portends To Imo State. – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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The man Major General Lincoln OGUNEWE (Rtd) and what it portends to Imo Politics

For the umpteenth times and decades, Imo State have not had a groomed professional and someone with proving track records as the Governor, to steer the ship of the Governance in the State, most of the people that has in the past be occupying the position are people of questionable characters who in no way has added little or less value to the state known as the Eastern heartland by their system of governance .

The Onus is now on the people of Imo state to decipher the status quo and make a right decision by ensuring that the likes of Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe, the labour Party gubernatorial aspirant is voted into power to assist in ameliorating the hardship and numerous challenges facing the State.

In the past most of the people that has been rulling Imo state are people of questionable Characters, people whose means of livelihood are questionable and hard to define , people who ekes a living by swindling and fraudulence practices , people who in no or little ways has the interest of the people of Imo state at heart unlike major General Lincoln Ogunewe (Rtd)whose intimidating profile are on the reverse .

It will also be on record if voted into power that Imo State is the first state since the Advent and practice of Democracy to be headed and led by a General who is known to be a burnished Democrat

Major General Lincoln Ogunewe was once the Nigerian Defence Adviser to the United Nation, he is humble , simple, gentle and an easy going fellow who has traversed withing the shores of the world at the course of duty while seeking savitute and good Governance to ameliorate and savage humanity via ensuring a proper accountability and commitment to the plight of humanity.

Imo state will in no doubt witness good Governance and development if Major General Lincoln Ogunewe (Rtd) is being voted into office, such a man who got to the peak of his Military career as a Major General is an exceptional professional whose copus requires a large canvass and can never be over emphasised looking at his antecedence, exposure wise in times of travels, experiences and knowledge garnered and leadership strategies being a one time Nigerian defence Adviser to the United Nation, the world’s body of nations on Earth.

At least it will be on history that for once Imo state is now blessed with a man with proven track records and integrity to lead them unlike the present and the previous whose identities and means of livelihoods before they became governors are questionable and still remain a mirage till date.

At this point in times, when Imo state and some parts of the South east is experiencing security Challenges and wanton killings here and there, it will be unwise for some top security experts like Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe to keep quiet and sits back while the entire region goes in chaos, such notions, good Governance and services to the nation and father’s land was what prompted him to go into politics and seek for the position of a Governor via Labour Party and all well meaning Nigerians and Imolites should lend their supports and make sure he becomes the authentic Guber candidate of labour Party and also be voted into power come this 2023.

The Game must change , new Imo is possible, new Nigeria is Possible .

Amb Prince Sixtus Opara

Publisher, Media Consultant, Public Affairs Analyst, Defence Correspondence, CEO SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT LTD, the Publishers of online newsblog, one of the leading online newsblog in Nigerian*

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