AMAZING: Pictures From Peter Obi Rally In Akwa Ibom – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Thank You Akwaibomites for coming out to celebrate the Next President of Nigeria 2023.
Peter Obi’s Mega Rally in Uyo was a huge success!
The Love is massive!

Tinubu may flee to London after the February 2023 election results are announced

I don’t think he will be able to stand the jubilation in Lagos after his defeat in the state and overall at the presidential election by Peter Obi

Please who ever wants to do business with this guy that calls himself an hacker should be very careful because he is a scammer, He scammed my sister even after i warned my sister not to trust him, Tho the DSS are already working on getting him but i needed to let you guys know abt it so you all be careful and i will appreciate you repost so others will be careful

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