Col Austine Akobundu As A Dedicated Realist Is The Man To Watchout In The Abia Central Senatorial Contest – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Col Austine Akobundu As A Dedicated Realist Is The Man To Watch Out For In The Senatorial Race

In the upcoming General election, their is the need for the electorates to look inwardly most especially in the areas of character assesments and personalities of the candidates seeking for the elective positions before casting their votes.

One of the quientesential personalities to watchout is Col. Austine Akobundu, a retired Colonel in the Nigerian Army and a former Minister of States for Defence , Col Akobundu was also the former National Organizing Secretary Of Peoples Democracy Party (PDP) and presently the South East Vice Chairman of the Party, his dedication, loyalty and commitment to the party since inception unlike most politicians who are always known for jumping from one party to another endeared his party faithful and other admirer and numerous supporters to seek for the seat of the Abia Central Senatorial Position.

Colonel Akobundu is a man of excellent character who always has the interest of his People at heart, his humility, simplicity and gentlemanly exceptional being is unquestionably a tune of phenomenon affairs , he is a man to reach-out anytime, anyday with an open door policy unlike most politicians who goes around soliciting for the masses votes and when they eventually wins that’s the end of the game for the masses who voted them and thereby shuts their doors with reneggated promises .

Such intimidating qualities and his humility personified Personality are some of the attributes that will definitely make it difficult for his opponents to beat him in the forthcoming Abia Central Senatorial election .

As we search and champion for a new Nigeria, it is pertinent for us the electorates to discover people who posseses similar qualities such as Col Austine Akobundu in ensuring the greater Nation which we all crave, yearn and pray for.

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