H.E Barr Muktar Shehu Shagari As One Of The Agents Of Change For Modern Nigeria – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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H.E Barr Muktari Shehu Shagari, As one of the Agents Of Change For Modern Nigeria

Nigeria as a Nation that is immensely blessed by God Almighty with great human and natural resources to make it great and also to become the most envied country in the world has now turned to be a mockery before the International communities and other nations of the world due to the economic backwardness and lack of futuristic leaders with Penchant vision on how to lead a secular nation such as Nigeria and also to savage the country from the current economic quagmires caused by bad leadership, ethnic biasness and religious sentiments.

For us to get it right this time around as a nation and to become truly the gifted giant of African, the pride and home of blacks all over the world, we really need to think out of the box, we really need to put aside those things that divides us, those obstacles that is hindering our growths as a people blessed by God , we really need to curb the menace of ethnicity , tribal and religious sentiments and starts to see ourselves as one people created by God Almighty to fulfil a common indivisible destiny, we need to start seeing ourselves as Nigerians and not as an Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani, Ijaws or Ibibios etc.

We should also have in mind that our stay here on Earth is just for a temporary measure and that we all shall one day depart from this vain world and shall render our accounts of stewardship to God Almighty on how we lived our lives , here on Earth .

Yes, God will ask us how we managed our diversities because in heaven which we all clamours for , their is nothing like tribe or religion there, we only have one God and shall henceforth speak with one heavenly language because God is not an author of confusion

Until we starts seeing ourselves as Nigerians without tribal colourations, we will never achieve any meaningful development and growth as a people.

One of the great detrabalized, unbiased agents and advocates of true change is His Excellency, Barr Shehu Muktar Shagari, former Deputy Governor Of Sokoto and one time minister of Water resources , a humble gentle man and an Attorney of the supreme Court of Justice.

H.E Barr Shehu Muktar Shagari’s finespun debonnaire worth emulating , it’s simply a tune of phenomenon affairs, a lifestyle that worth emulating, a preacher of unity , oneness and love amongst people irrespective of your tribe and religion which can be exemplified in one of his viral and trending videos.

How else can a quintessential personality such as H.E Barr Shehu Muktar Shagari be described , history will always be fair with him as one of the true agents of change who God used to restore the destiny and lost Glories of a nation blessed immensely blessed by God Almighty, we need the likes of Barr Shehu Muktar Shagari all over Nigeria , a humble and easy-going gentle man, this is the time for healing, this is the time of restoration , this is the time to think out of the box, this is the time for us all as a nation to remove and eschew the darkness of religion and tribal sentiments which has beclouded our senses of reasoning , the darkness need to be removed for us all to see the light and move forward as one people blessed by God Almighty .

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