Why CBN Cashless Policy Is Good For POS Business – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Most POS operators are concerned about the new CBN cashless policy, I personally think they shouldn’t stress themselves and I think the new CBN policy is a good one for them.

Since a cashless policy is the primary goal of the CBN, if you are a pos operator, you can use this to your advantage, now that the government is encouraging a cashless system that means more business will come your way.

for instance, if someone wants to pay his children’s school fees, that person can walk to any POS operator and do that, and you will be able to charge your usual transaction fee

if someone wants to pay for goods and they are far away from an atm or bank, they can now use your POS services to do that transaction

if someone wants to transfer money from their atm to their family member in another location, then it is easy for them to use your POS

people that want to receive cash can also use your POS service, they will transfer the money they need to your account and you give them cash while you take your commission

The CBN cashless policy will bring more customers to your POS Business, now people will be able to pay for anything through POS and you will cashout, you will get more customers than ever before.

Anyway, just see the big picture, fantasize, dream and think of how much money you will make from CBN cashless policy.

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