Lonely Part Of Canada No One Bothers To Tell – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Earlier this year, I went back in time to few years back when I was doing so well in Nigeria. The noises from friends and all nurtured the decision to move abroad inside of me. I became so restless till I finally leave. The first day in Canada was the day I knew this place isn’t where I can be forever. Most of us would have come back before the time we had in mind except for the fact that I don’t still have enough. If I want to travel to naija for vacation now, I will need up to $4k. If I take that away from my savings, I don’t know how I can recover.

No one tells about the downside of this place. I feel lonely, depressed and empty most times. Because no one to talk to, just everyone in my workplace goin about their business. If I make attempt to talk to them, they just waive it with a smile. It’s been 3years here and the people I still talk to on video call are friends from Nigeria. It’s been 3years and my savings is still Short of $20k despite how much my friends in Nigeria do tell me how easy it is for me to make money abroad but I never tell them my situation. I can’t wait to make enough and leave Canada for good. I know a lot will come at me with the usuall “come back to Nigeria na”, please this is not an attempt to denigrate your abroad heaven, just for me to rant out and be fine

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