AMAZING: 12 Painful Career Truths That People Conceal From Themselves – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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A salary won’t make you wealthy
2. Your boss doesn’t care about your career growth (debatable)
3. A business pays you the least amount possible to maximize profit
4. Company loyalty is a dumb decision–changing jobs pays more
5. People go to jobs (mostly) cause they don’t know what else to do
6. Most people have no idea what their passion is, so they lie
7. Hours worked has nothing to do with value created
8. Most of the stuff you buy keeps you tied to a job
9. Working long hours leads to burnout
10. Job titles are meaningless. They’re just ego.
11. You’re not entitled to a raise, promotion … or anything
12. Those who get the best jobs are the ones that network the best

The people we lie to the most in our career is ourselves.

Stop lying. Face the truth. Then change your life.

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