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As One of the bests Crime Fighting Arms of The office of the Inspector General Of Police Popularly known as Inspector General Of Police Special Tactical Squad (IGP STS).

This wonderfully crafted and highly sustained Unit of the Police has in recent times performed excellently to their mandate of curbing crimes and all forms of criminality including the flushing out of kidnappers and Terrorists that has been causing chaos such as instability in the polity, insecurities, the menace of wanton killings and thereby causing sleeplessness nights to Nigerian people.

They are known for taking up the fight to their hideouts, CP Kolo Yusuf, formerly the commander IGP STS , now the Commissioner of Police in Zamfara State is known for such , now the current Commander incharge of IGP STS in the person of DCP AYUBA USMAN is in no doubt sustaining the tempo and momentum as can be exemplified and seen in his indefatigability and doggedness in rooting out crimes to the barest minimum, upon assumption of office as the Commander of IGP STS, and also as someone who believed that charity begins at home, he took a proper assesment of the unit and the serving Police officers he met there and did a reconsideration and reshuffllement on placing and replacing of the officers he met on ground for efficient service delivery and gallantry inorder to deliver successfully on the assigned mandate by the Inspector General Of Police as the Commander Of the Unit.

DCP AYUBA USMAN took a decisive, robust and pragmatic steps of ensuring that the IGP STS unit remans the number one arm / Unit of the Inspector General Of Police in times of curbing crimes ,though they don’t make noise, but are highly result orientated.

He is gentle, simple , humble and easy going gentle man whose most friends just like his predecessor CP Kolo Yusuf is majorly civilians , he believed that the best way to succeed in the job of policing is not by isolating civilians of which he considered as vital and potential partners in information gathering.

DCP AYUBA USMAN is well loved by his subordinates as most of them addresses him as mentor Super Cop , when asked on why the title, they said that everything about him including his modus operandi and the system of his policing and personality is just an inspiration that worth emulating , they also spoke so much about his detribalised nature , non partisanship and non sentimental nature in his dealings with the officers, suspects and complainants as he discharges his duty equitably and with fairness and justice.

When we jokingly asked him if he do relax at all, he said to SIXT-MEDIA LANE as long as Crimes and criminality still persists while he is still serving, I will never relent, nor relax and that is what I have signed and swore to untill am retired from the service that is when I can now say I have done my beat and the oath I swore, and then say over to the younger ones who will succeed us, it’s not as if we will relax gabadayi, we will still be helpful and relevant to them and the system in times of advise and consultations for efficient policing be concluded.

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