BREAKING: Finally, A Serving Rear Admiral In The Nigerian Navy Who Masterminds Oil Theft And Economic Sabotage Has Been Unveiled- SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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BOMBSHELL: Finally, A Serving Rear Admiral In the Nigerian Navy Who Masterminds Oil Theft and Economic Sabotage has been unveiled :

It is no longer news that the masterminds of the stealing of the Nigerian Oil in the Niger Delta region and environs are people serving in the Government this report is coming just barely over a month now when the Federal Government came out shouting , while pleading for all hands to be on desk to unravel the evil menace of oil thieves and economic Sabotage , at this juncture, since after such disclosure, most media practitioners and investigative journalists started digging deep to expose and unravel such obnoxious cankerworm running the Nigeria major source of income aground.

On embarking on the voyage, we stumble on a document unanimously released to us for the many escapades of a serving Rear Admiral, his modus operandi and some mind-blowing Revelations which Sha be releasing to the general public in days to come.

As investigative journalists, we normally do our underground search and investigations before carrying out our reportage publicly, we decided to put up a call to the main culprit (Name still withheld for now) which is the Rear Admiral, in most of our conversations, text messages and WhatsApp messages too, he has been dodging the main issues while reiterating always that he had already gotten hold of the report and that the matter was treated sometimes last year and published on Facebook by the Nigerian Navy (Laughable ) as it may.

Its so disheartening that a dog will turn and begin to eat the bone that was hung on his neck as exemplified by the illicit conduct of this Rear Admiral, we got hold of many mind-blowing issues about him which shall be released soonest to the general public. Including his many properties and investments both within and out the shore of Nigeria and his ruthless nature in dealing with any one who dares to stand on his ways , at the course of our investigation, we have received numerous calls from some top officers in the Navy who pleaded Unanimous while pleading to us to hold on a beat on the report for them have meet withing themselves and revert to me.

In few days from now everything about the report will be unveiled to the general public including the name of the Rear Admiral for the Nigerian Nation to take it’s decisiveness course on the matter as we await for the response on some of the questions that was put forth for the Rear Admiral to answer ! All the accounts details and informations that will will help the security agencies to do due diligence on the matter are with us the SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT media team.

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