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In the past few months, I’ve seen something like a tsunami, a strong wind blowing over the political space of Nigeria 🇳🇬 which has caused serious fever for those who believe they’re the Azikiwes, Awolowos, and Balewas of our time. Those who believe politics is their only business and that they have mastery of it. Those who believe they have 100% dominance over Nigerian 🇳🇬 politics owing to their population, religion, the political empire and alliance they’ve built over the years, the public funds they’ve stolen, and the diabolical powers they’ve acquired.

They’ve been in the system since Independence and have faired sumptuously with what is supposed to be for every Nigerian 🇳🇬. They’ll kill, maim and do any sort of atrocious act if anyone or anything dares to stand on their way to correct the ills they’ve injected into the system. They have a common interest and never fight one another, if they do, they quickly settle their differences with either a political appointment, contract, whooping sum of the tax Payers’ money, or a promise of handing over power to the aggrieved person in the next Government.

Their aim is not to transform the Giant of Africa into the Giant of the world, nor to make the most populous Black nation on earth; rich with mineral resources the envy of the world, but to connect a conduit pipe from the treasury of the country to their personal pockets. They sit on corruption and declare illusionary war against corruption just to hoodwink their gullible and ardent Followers.

They made sure that there’s no good education, no jobs, and no favorable economy for private businesses to thrive, so that the Youths will turn into their Thugs during elections and become available Tools for their numerous nefarious activities.

They blind the Youths with religion and make them believe that they are the Ones blessed by God to be wealthy, so they give the Youths crumbs that fall from their tables to feed on, thereby making the future Leaders (Youths) their praise Singers. This horrible narrative has been the modus vivendi carved by these Juggernauts for decades, and obviously it has provided nothing but a safe Haven for them.

Sadly enough, there’s an awakening of the suppressed, oppressed, battered and wounded Citizens whose majority falls within the age bracket of the youthful population and also those who are youthful at heart. They are poised to sack these old, wicked economic Parasites masquerading as Elites/Politicians, and nothing seems to be a hindering factor to Youths safe the same old, wicked Parasites whom they have determined to banish into the political wilderness and retire them in economic oblivion for the sole purpose of patriotism and the birth of a new Nigeria 🇳🇬.

This is the third force that is sweeping over and across the Nigerian 🇳🇬 political space. It is a political revolution championed by nobody but by all suppressed, oppressed, aggrieved and wounded Citizens of Nigeria 🇳🇬

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