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Dear Prof. Mahmood,

I write to you on this 30th day of October, 2022, barely four months to the 2023 general elections, which seems to have become the most talked about election since Independence, and as such has proved to be very pivotal to the equilibrium of the peace of our dear country, Nigeria.

Prof, I’m not writing to you as a happy Citizen, though not frenzied nor clinically depressed, but as a disappointed, discouraged and helpless Nigerian who has resigned solely to fate in God for a better Nigeria. I write to you as a Nigerian who has survived seven and almost eight horrible years of an inept Government which is akin to passing through the most severe hot temperature in the crucible, orchestrated by the Government your immediate Predecessor, imposed on us.

Prof, it has become a thing of serious concern that University Professors who are known for their integrity and zero tolerance for academic malpractice, and as such discipline Students who indulge in it, have lately become election malpractice Umpires. 2015 and 2019 elections were like the litmus papers that revealed this acid test.

Sir, I wish to remind you, though I believe you must have known, that Nigerians have nicknamed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with a new nomenclature; Inconclusive National Electoral Commission. Suffice it to say, that greedy and corrupt Politicians have influenced the once trusted Commission, to meddle into deals and actions viewed through the standard behavioral periscope as infradig, and these have caused a significant ebb that has marred the confidence reposed on her by Nigerians.

Sir, onus probandi is on you, by the reason of the oath of office you swore, and also for history to be fair to you, to redeem the image of the once highly esteemed Commission, and to give Nigerians the President they want and not the one you or the incumbent administration wants. Then you would have cleaned up the mess of your immediate Predecessor, and written your own name on the tabloids of gold and in the sands of time. I’m certain, posterity will resonate your name as the real man of integrity.

This might be a herculean task for you, knowing very well that those who gave you the job or those who call the shots in the Nigeria political space (I call them the Few) might exert pressure on you to play either the tribal or religious or political party card which has been the bane of our society, good governance, and development – hence a country of over two hundred million (200,000,000) people competing favorably for a top position as the headquarters of poverty in Africa and the world.

Prof, should you consider doing the biddings of those Few, it’s your choice, you reserve the right to do so, but I wish to remind you that Nigerians are tired of being Slaves to those Few, and they’re ready to take back their country, and most eagerly amongst these Nigerians are the unemployed Youths and Graduates whose population is at ninety million (90m)

I also wish to remind you that these Youths and unemployed Graduates who those Few oppressed, suppressed and impoverished are eager to see the emergence of a new Nigeria, where these corrupt Few will be nowhere close to the corridors of power or government.

A denial of their strong desire by you, through the INEC, as a result of your decision to play the religious, tribal or political party card will portend grave danger. They might most likely take to the streets, and if they do, #EndSARS Protest will be a child’s play compared to what will happen. Take my words to the bank Sir.
With a lucid picture and record of antecedents, one can predict the future – this is the basis of my assertion.

Needless of thinking about unleashing on them, the Nigerian Police and Military Personnel that statistics puts their data at three hundred and seventy thousand (370,000) and two hundred and forty thousand (240,000) (including the paramilitary) respectively.

If their cry for a new Nigeria which will definitely reflect in the polls are circumvented through the INEC which you are the Umpire, there’s going to be what might be termed the biggest political crisis and unrest in Africa, if not in the world.

This crisis will be like a battle line drawn between the corrupt Few and Nigerians, specifically between a fraction of the Nigerian population – the ninety million (90m) unemployed Youths and Graduates and the six hundred and ten thousand (610,000) Policemen, Military and Paramilitary Personnel put together. Let me softly remind you Sir, that some of these security Personnel have also been hit by the corruption and bad governance of these Few, so it’s logical for one to think that some of them might take sides and pitch their tents with the unemployed Youths and Graduates. There’ll be high level of insubordination in the Government Forces and therefore division, confusion and anarchy will be prevalent.

The outcome? Your guess is as good as mine, Sir.

Dear Prof, redeem the image of the Commission that has been totally messed up and bastardized, then win the respect and admiration of over two hundred million (200,000,000) Nigerians.

Save Nigerians from another eight years of government of ineptitude and incompetence, inflation, unimaginable looting by heartless men in government, animals like rats, termites, monkeys and snakes swallowing money, unemployment, hardship, sufferings, and worst of all; bloodletting, unabated killings, kidnapping, banditry, insecurity with plausible traces of government connivance through her conspiracy of silence.

Nigerians are counting on you. You’re probably the only hope they have to save this country. Don’t disappoint them. You wouldn’t be saving Nigeria alone but other neighbouring countries who can’t afford to accommodate and feed over fifty million (50m) Refugees from Nigeria, should an political unrest break out in the giant of Africa. The world at large will feel the heat.

Thanks and may God bless you as you put the interest of our great country Nigeria, first.

Yours sincerely,


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