Thugs Attack: Babatunde Gbadamosi Asks Obidients To Defend Themselves- SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Running and hiding from the thugs and political militia is no longer an option. It has not worked in the past. Every Obidient who is either an ex-policeman or ex-serviceman must help organise self-defence units all over the country. Every person of fighting age must learn to fight, because our future is at stake here. EVERYONE must become a fighter to some level.

We must all take our fitness seriously and do some exercise daily like we will fight the following day. If attacked, defend yourself and your neighbours ferociously. No dey look face!

Learn a fighting skill. Learn to use one weapon or the other. If na gun you see, learn to shoot sharply. If na knife, cutlass, bow & arrow or spear, practice daily and meet violence with violence. Do not run from them. Organise, train daily. Learn defensive & offensive tactics.


Fight for each other. If your neighbour is attacked, don’t walk on by. Defend them. Everybody should defend them. We are more than them, if we decide to use our heads.

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