This Is What I Did After My Husband Secretly Spent My 200k.- SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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I’m a lady in my mid- twenties, I got married aged 22, (always wanted to marry early) on the second year of our marriage we were blessed with a baby, parked to our house and things were rosy. I have always been a workaholic due to that I have never lack as a young lady in terms of finance.

I have always helped him in his house projects, might not be much 100k, 50k, 20k when need be. I never siphoned my money to myself, as a young lady I envisioned my pretty little family on my head, (3 children, handsome husband and pretty wife with a fine car living happily)

Now to the main problem,I think it all started when he told me he has seen a genuine plot of land that we should buy it together, I told him no, I want the land all by myself I have money to pay for it, (just want to have something tangible for myself alone) he said no problem.He sent me an account number of the seller I sent 600k to the seller.we did the necessary documents and everyone was happy.

After some weeks, I decided to dig around his phone then I discovered that the account I sent the 600k to, refunded 200k back to my husband, woke him up instantly I demanded for an explanation.he story no make sense. I was heartbroken, for months I was hurt…the two families got involved and settled the I no see…

Ever since this issue happened,the home has not been peaceful, fighting everyday. I find it so difficult to forgive him. I insult him, he insults me, he broke my phone, I break his door…I was demanded for an apology he says
“I’m his wife, no be today man dey collect him wife money, he say woman go build house for him husband no ear no go hear” those things hurt me more… everyday was fight, I parked out,I went to my sister’s place,he didn’t call, he didn’t reach out.

3 weeks after I parked I discovered I was pregnant,and informed him immediately through text.i stayed at my sister’s place for 2 months no word from him… I decide to rent my own place,I rented a place and went to his house to park my remaining stuff,I meet him home,as soon as he sees I came with a truck to park my things he knelt down and started begging me…I was like,na today I commot for your house why now? He say he think say I dey play, he no think say I serious like this,for good two months you didn’t say anything why now…with enough dragging I parked my things to my new rented apartment… since the day I park till now this man has not allowed me rest,his family members has been calling me to come back home, his dad came from the village to plead on his behalf.

My dad is insisting I should not go back…I’m now 6 months pregnant ,I need a father in my children’s finding it difficult to forgive him,I’m struggling within myself to forgive and trust this man again.

How can I let go of the past and move back with him…I decided to pay him a visit on Friday,he was happy I came,he did everything possible to show me he has changed but that feeling of betrayal and hurt is there.i left there this morning with querrell,I know I started the querrell,but I can’t just seem to forgive him.please I need your help and advice on this pressing issue of mine.

No insult please, I have cried enough.

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