Funny Story: Help My Tribal Brother Has 8Kids And The Wife Is Heavily Pregnant. – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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There’s this distant brother of mine (not related by blood) my family has known him for some months now.

He’s the fire praying churchy type of person, he does normally visit my family, but we have never met his family.

He’s a foreman that does any type of job, he’s hardworking tho, not the lazy type.

So some days ago,when I went for an exercise on sight seeing organised by Nigerian army, it occured to us to check on him since he stays closer to the venue.

I rang his line and told him to direct me to his home,which he reluctantly did, when we finally located his home.

To say I was disappointed with the environment was an understatement considering what he was up to lately which prompted this post.

I met 4 of his kids, at home playing, they ought to be in school at that time and his heavily pregnant wife, we exchanged pleasantly, all thru our brief staycation there, the bros was uncomfortable, after some moments we took our leave.

This same man came to my hood to paint the apartment of a young beautiful big God female UBA banker who just moved in.

To my painment and chagrin, my brother didn’t even collect a dime from this lady as wages for the job done, he only collected phone number and started chyking the lady, who obviously has a rich taste for big boys and my bros was pretty pained.

Simply put, he did a free job, a job that took him 2 days to paint ,

My brother said he wants to have as many kids as possible, I’m afraid he’s not making the necessary moves to care for them, which really is bad, with the present situation of the country.

My question now is…. Why would the wife and my bros agree to littering the house with kids they cannot care for and the ninth one is on the way?

Why does low income earners always have energy to knack and produce kids without the necessary bucks to care for them?

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