My Worries: How Do I Tell My Unmarried Elder Sister That She Is Getting Too Old. – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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My elder sister is around 32 years and still not serious with marriage. Her only focus is on making money and she had been very successful in that aspect. She has a well paying job and is not only comfortable but also supports me financially sometimes.

But I just can’t imagine why she is not disturbed about the fact that she is still single at her age. A lot of guys I know had been approaching her but she never accepts even a relationship offer from them, talk more of marriage. (And am very sure that she is not a lesbian or any of that).

As a church guy, I have seen a lot of women stock in this not being married thing and jumping from one church to the other seeking for husbands. Some of them, out of desperation, fall victims in the hands of fake pastors and sharp guys. I really don’t want my sister to go through such.

Initially, I wasn’t disturbed, but right now, this issue is burning not only me but also my aging mother. My mother had even stylishly urged my sister to go get married on several occasions. But she won’t.

What really got me mad was when I was discussing with my sister some days back about her future plans. She told me stuffs like planning on travelling abroad for greener pastures, bla bla bla, but made no mention of marriage.

Honestly guys, I am tired. And as a man in the family, I am thinking of changing it for my sister. Am planning on threatening her that if she doesn’t take the issue of marriage serious, I will go physical with her and teach her some lessons. But the issue is that she is my elder sister and I have some respect for her. And my action might end up affecting the bond in the family.

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