10,000 Hectares Of Olam Rice Farm And Mills Destroyed In Nasarawa (Photos/Video).- SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Dele Momodu Shared the videos on his Instagram page.

I was terribly sad to receive this footage from my amazing friend and Brother @aadefeko at breakfast this morning and he narrated his company’s ordeal in Nasarawa State:

“My farm in Nasarawa flooded as River Benue burst its banks and broke the dyke… 20 million dollars worth of crops and critical infrastructure destroyed and 25% of Nigeria’s rice needs gone in one fell swoop… Olam farm in Rukubi Doma local government area of Nasarawa state.10,000 hectares and largest rice farm and mill on the continent 140 million dollars worth of investment…”

“We have 57 kilometer of dykes surrounding the farm. The farm has a cultivated area of 12km by 7 km…the 57 km of dykes were meant to stop the floods from entering. These were made after the floods impacted us in 2012…”

“The dykes around the farm protected the farm from flood waters. We have been battling the waters since last two to three weeks but finally the water pressure took over and broke the dykes at multiple spots…”

What a monumental tragedy… May God help the company replenish this huge loss…

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