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An angry Nigerian father nearly went overboard when he descended on his daughter for indulging in lesbianism.

A now-viral video shows the moment the father manhandled the lady and attempted to suffocate her to death.

The father grabbed the throat of the daughter with both hands as he pinned her to a sofa with his weight. The lady was visibly struggling for air when a relative who was also in the room yanked the hand of the father off his daughter’s throat.

The angry man made other attempts, as the helpless lady struggled for her life. The man continued to beat the girl and was joined by at least one other person, suspected to be an older male sibling of the girl.

The clip shows the cause of the father’s anger.

He had apparently seen a video of the daughter in an amorous display with another girl.

The girls had filmed themselves indulging in a number of sexual acts. In one of the clips included, the beaten girl can be seen kneeling on the bed while her friend had two hands inside her T-shirt and was handling her breasts.

In other clips, she kissed her friend passionately on the bed while someone else in the room filmed them.

The clips were put together in a video and uploaded. It went viral and reportedly got to the father who could not believe his daughter could engage in such acts.

He cornered her in their living room and the situation escalated rapidly.

The incident reportedly happened in Nigeria, but no specifics were added to the video. The victim spoke Igbo while pleading with her assailant during her ordeal.

“Brother, biko nu” (Brother, please) she is heard saying as she is being pummelled. This is believed to be in reference to the other person out of the camera’s frame who is hitting her.

At some point she is also heard saying, “Papa, I’m sorry.”

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