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I and this girl have been dating over a year. I took her serious, I’ve sacrifice a lot for her and it made me so heart broken when I noticed she cheated on me reason I almost took her life.

My girlfriend and I live in the same city (Mowe) but I traveled out of the city 2 months ago for work things (ibadan), so around last month she called me that her phone screen (Samsung) is broken, that she’s just managing her phone and to fix it is 35k but she already have 15k so she’s in need of 20k to complete it. So I sent her 21k.

Fast forward to Friday when I came back to mowe, I went to see her, I saw her holding iphone Xmax. I was like who gave you iPhone? She was just telling me lies upon lies. At first she said she swapped it, then I was like why didn’t you tell me you bought iPhone and who gave you money to swap it becus you’ll need over 190k to swap. To cut the long story short..

I later found out that a guy bought the phone for her. The 21k I sent to repair her phone, she repaired it and gave it to her younger sis.

I was so heartbroken. For a guy to buy her iphone that means she have been dating and having sex with the guy secretly without me knowing. She has been begging me, calling & texting since Friday but i didn’t reply.

She texted me she was coming to my house yesterday. The only word I said to her since on Friday was to meet me in a uncompleted building close to my house yesterday, I have this machanic slege hammer, it’s one of my tools I use for working, so I held it while waiting for her.

My plan was the moment she enter the building, just a powerful whiplash on her head and she’s dead, I felt so cold inside of me, I was also shaking while holding the hammer and feeling so heartbroken. Then I heard a deep voice inside of me saying “YOU WILL REGRET YOUR ACTIONS” (twice)

Then she called me that she’s there, I already sighted her through the window, I came out and I told her to run away and never come back anywhere around me again. She was still begging that she’s sorry. And I said if only you know what I’m about to do, you will run.

She left, I just sat on the floor feeling so heartbroken.

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