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The Sole Administrator of Oru East Local Government Council Nze Nnamdi Celestine Onyeka few weeks to his inauguration is moving speedily at the right part as he is already achieving very great result in his peaceful engagements of the youths and stakeholders of various communities in his commitment to restore peace and orderliness in Oru East LGA.
Hon Nze Nnamdi Celestine Onyeaka popular called ONYE OMA NA ABUJA by his friends and admirers because of his philanthropic gestures, kindness heartedness,humility and trustworthiness as a businessman who is ever ready to assist his community and provide succour to the less privilege with bright face and open door.

When he was considered and appointed by his Excellency the Executive Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodinma as the Sole Administrator of the Oru East LGA at a very critical time he said what he promised himself,the governor and his people is hit the ball rolling,to make any sacrifice and opportunity to serve his people to the best of his ability and to the Glory of God.He vowed not to disappoint his people and immediately set a blueprint towards restoration of peace & stability and provide a conducive environment for the enterprising and loveable people of Oru East.

As Winston Churchill opined that ‘the price of greatness is responsibility ‘He immediately embarked on consultations and confidence building engagement with the youths assuring them his sincere commitment to dialogue and make peace in their communities while seeking their cooperation and understanding for the benefit of all.He stressed that since he came from the same LGA with the Governor he believed he need to redouble his effort in peace building mechanisms so that the government can concentrate to provide the necessary assistance and essential infrastructures lined up by the governor Chief Hope Uzodinma to make lives more meaningful and for businesses to thrive, opportunities will come for employment, empowerment and other human capacity building development that can enable self-reliance for the youths.
He hinted that he also held meetings with the traditional rulers and other leaders in his Local Government Council to also seek the fatherly advice on ways to move the Oru East forward and overcome the security challenges which created unnecessary distractions to the Governor’s laudable developmental plan for the people.
The Oru East Council boss stated that as someone who has a humble beginning and a Community Leader he need to use and apply some local wisdom to tackle local challenges at the grassroot level of government and by the grace of GOD his sacrifice and commitment is already yielding the expected result.
For instance no more attacks,kidnapping
burning or armed robbery in many communities which includes, Awo -Omamma,Omuma and some other towns in Oru East LGA since he assumed office except one that was attempted by some outsiders that were eventually apprehended by some youths.He same he will continue to maintain and sustain the momentum in addressing the issue of insecurity and restoration of peace in the LGA so that many achievements of Senator Uzodinma’s 3Rs agenda can be fully felt and implemented for the benefit of his people.

He added that his development initiatives have assisted in empowering many indegent youths who genuinely want to leave a moral lawful lives with some take off capital do start a little businesses and some actually already set up their businesses and follow a lawful occupation which is more noble instead of remaining with some criminal groups and remain a nuisance in the society.
Nze Onyeaka assured the people of Oru East both home and Diaspora that peace and understanding have been restored in their various communities and re- emphasized that is the responsibility of every partrotic sons and daughters of the area to embrace peace and contribute their quotas in offering advices that will assist in bringing peace across their communities instead of living in fears,blame game,name calling and rumours mongering.He advised that people should be open and bring their genuine grievances to the government to address their matters,instead of indulging on self help and taking laws into their hands and breaking the laws of the land which contributes to the problem of insecurity across various communities.
He said Oru East is blessed with a lot of human & mineral resources, highly Enterprising people, intellectuals and top business people that if everyone join hands together they can assist the unemploy youths,some looking frustrated and hopeless,some time rejected on this vain, in other to find remedies and solutions there is need to work together, contributes and create jobs for them because he discovered that many youths at home are idle,no job and these made them more vulnerable & easier for some of them to be recruited by some criminal gangs,cult groups,and other criminal elements in the society.

He further stated that he also enjoys the cooperation of the staff and management of the local government and promised to ensure that the welfare of staff remains on top priority and assure that some few staff who still have the problem of receiving their monthly salaries as a result of their improper documentation in the past will also be assisted to ratify their problems.
The peace engagement of Nze Nnamdi Celestine Onyeaka is being appreciated and commended by many stakeholders that some of them who have left the party,APC, over some grievances have now came back to the party and they re all working together.
Hon.Nnamdi Celestine Onyeaka also appealed to security agencies to ensure proper and diligent investigations in their intelligence gathering so that an innocent is not punished unjustly and urged them to always coperate with Community leaders and stakeholders and work according to the rules of engagement.
He assured the people of Oru East that he will try his best in his effort to maintain and sustain the peace so that other development efforts and achievements Sen.Hope Uzodinma’s administration will be fully realized while assuring that the government is poised and committed in providing the necessary conducive environment for investors and businesses to thrive and hope restored.


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