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Uncommon Gift For Alhaji Atiku Abubakar From An Uncommon Personality, Hon Johnson John Zaki.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have continued to enjoy massive support from most Nigerians who truly believed in his aspirations to become the president and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come February 2023 as his campaign team has once again received an additional donation of a vehicle by Hon John Johnson Zaki, the Chairman and CEO of JEREN AGENCY AND TRADING LTD, and also the Kaduna state Coordinator of Atiku’s Mandate, one of the notable and leading support groups for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Unlike most people whose supports base for particular candidates are hinged on the immediate gains and selfishness of what they can get from the candidates, but Hon Johnson John Zaki has proven to be opposite and exceptional as he has continue to demonstrate that in words and in actions.

Recall that some times last week we published a piece here notifying the general public about the two vehicle donations from Hon Johnson John Zaki to Atiku Abubakar’s Campaign, and barely few days of that publication, same person just made an additional donation of vehicle to Atiku , totaling three altogether.

When we inquired from him on the reason and motivation behind an additional vehicle donation to Atiku’s campaign and he told us that no amount of his support and that of any well meaning Nigerian is too big enough to get Nigeria working, Hon Johnson John Zaki quoted.

He continued and said, this time around it’s not all about Atiku alone or being sentimental, but it’s about Nigeria, it’s about fixing our country, our home land, and I find Alhaji Atiku Abubakar competent enough for the job, that’s my motivation and drive, that’s my convintion, like I said earlier, am always ready to give my earnest support, am temerity to any cause I strongly believed, I don’t hide or pretend about it, Alhaji Atiku’s Mandate is that cause and am ready to champion it in my own little way.

Alot can be said of the Chairman and CEO of JEREN AGENCY AND TRADING LTD, this gentle and humble comrade’s enthusiasm, passion and love for humanity is a tune of phenomenon affairs, he is always supportive and caring to humanity, he is a man of integrity, unlike most people who speaks from both sides of the mouth, Hon Johnson John is the opposite of such persons and a role model to the youths.

Hon Johnson urges the electorates and the general public to always play by the rules and maintain peace and decorum while supporting whosever candidates we deemed fit in this forthcoming general election and eschew violence because their is always life after election. He conclude

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