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CP Babaji Sunday On The Saddle Of Defender

CP Babaji Sunday

The Man CP Babaji Sunday And his efforts to curb criminality And all sorts of Violence and to ensure peace and condussive atmosphere in the city of Abuja Federal Capital Territory for both the visitors and inhabitants to go about their normal businesses can never be over emphasised.

As the Federal Capital Territory of the biggest black nations in the world, a city that is always being throng in and out by foreigners, investors and tourists and both locals cut-across, CP Babaji Sunday knowing the onerous task saddled with such responsibilities as the the Commissioner Of Police incharge of Abuja, is really scoring higher and deserve our applause and commendations.

We have been following his policies, actions and achievements ever since his emergence as the commissioner of police incharge of the Federal Capital Territory and we can confidently, comfortably and verifiably confirm to you that he has done tremendously well in ensuring that peace and stability is sustained in the nation’s capital territory, he’s prompt, responssive, effective, focus and efficient in discharging his duty just like his predecessor AIG Bala Ciroma who also did very much well too while serving as the CP incharge of FCT.

CP Babaji Sunday is in no doubt a very committed refined officer who is well known for his expertise in curbing crime and criminalities in the society and bringing peace and stability.

CP Babaji Sunday is well admired by all and sundry for his humility, simplicity and carriage too, which he exhibits in the discharging of his duties while ensuring commendable results.

His choice of appointing competent Divisional Police Officers and Area commanders in all the various police stations facilities, Units and commands in the FCT to complement his efforts is also commendable and can’t be over emphasised, he knows how to put square pegs in the right directions while eschewing sentiments such as tribe, favouritism of close loyalists , religious and ethnicity and enthroning competency and merit as his watchword.

Such is what is spouring him and his liutenants who works under him to continue to soar high with remarkable results, their is relatively a sustainable of peace, and harmony in all the Abuja communities today, we can vividly remember various incidences that had happened in the past including the one that happened few months ago at Dei Dei Building material where crisis erupted, CP Babaji Sunday’s promptness in responding to the situation is a tune of phenomenon affairs and a great effort, he swung into action at the height of the intensive situation and ensure that peace and stability is restored, and normalcy returned .

On his promptness to actions, he is always eager and willing to visit volatile and fragile areas where their are crisis and high level of unstability , with him in the saddle the residence of FCT can sleep with their two eye closed, people are flourishing in their businesses without entertaining fear, investors and visitors are feeling the sense of reassured with relatively peace of mind.

This are the results you get when you enthrone competency over sentiments. When the righteous are in power the people rejoice .

Amb Prince Sixtus Opara
Publisher/ Media Consultant, Public Affairs Analyst, Defence Correspondence , Author, Filmmaker and CEO SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT LTD, the Publisher Of online newsblog

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