CHARLEY BOY VIBRATES: If You Give Me Gbas, I Give You Gboos In Three Places.- SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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Like it is in every profession, tribe, religion etc etc. You will always find a few good people and many bad people.
I just dey Laff when people dey try der best to paint me as a tribalist, especially my bad ignorant mischievous brothers.
Am not responsible for ur lack of understanding or twisting what I say so it can fit ur twisted narrative.
I no send, I no care about what the fuck Mumu people think.

Just know, who ever u think u are, if u give me Gbas, I go give Gboos in 3 place.

The fight for the survival of Nigerians is not based on ethnicity or religiosity but a fight between good and bad, a fight between the criminally rich and the frustrated poor.
God punish Devil.
Make una no try me bcos many spirits dey follow me waka.
Nonsense @ourmumudondo

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