Only Son Cries Out: How My Parents Destroyed My Life: – SIXT-MEDIA LANE CONSULT

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I’ll like to make my story short as possible without much introduction tho. And also a lesson parents/ new couples should learn from my ordeal, Pls read to the end.

Alright So I’m the only male born of my parent among 4 girls, i also happen to be the last born at it. my problem started when growing up, cause my parent aged bfr getting a Male child which was my Dad and his parent cravings, I was pampered when growing up such that my parents would never watch me do stressful things, dictate when I go out and who I moved out with (My mum’s own was even worse cause when growing up, if I want to go out, she’ll always send me back inside) even during secondary school they had to get a school very close to our house. my sisters were only the ones that would go to mum’s shop and make sales while mum would either stay with me at home or if I eventually go the shop sef I’ll always sit and just watch. Literally, I’ll say I was denied the right to be exposed to lotta things and real issues about life.

And cause I was not the sociable type cause I’ll literally stay at home, watch movies, eat and my movements limited, I was exposed to pornography and masturbation at a very young age and I battled that bad habit thr my University days (Did I say my Parents also dictated the University I went to cause it was close to our House to and any small riot in school then the next hour they’ll come and pick me back home till every thing dies down)

So guys over time, I’ve grown to be this boring guy who is shy, timid, suffering from low self esteem and can’t give vibe even when gisting with my fellow guys, in which most of them just relegate me to this small boy level. Did I also say I’ve never had a Girlfriend all my life cause the truth is ion always know what to say or how to maintain talking vibe. At first I decide not to care and just always console myself with I was created like that and just continue my boring life, it has now gotten to the point I’m not rated in anything at all, most people just make friends with me cause of what they can gain from me, I’m not even good in anything, I can’t speak clearly, I’m kinda literally mentally dumb and ion see me useful for anyone or anything, perhaps maybe God only, No business sense, no work skill or experience, no trade experiences to

I’m currently a Corp member serving and before then I rebelled against my parent cause they wanted to dictate the state I serve which is our state of residence so I go to my ppa from home but I told them No and even got to a fight to my Dad cause of this issue and we din speak for like 2weeks, he eventually called me and we settled. But the issue now is guys I’ve got less than two months left for my POP for service and you don’t expect me to return home useless to my parent house again?? Tho sincerely thr my service year, I din touch my allowee so I’ve saved up to 270k so far. the issue is ask me what I want to do with the money? I’ve got no idea, what business sense or idea? Nothing is coming to my head, infact I don’t know. The funny thing is, my roommate is exactly my opposite, very outspoken, bold, full of vibe and bring back different female friends each day, this guy is not really financially buoyant but you see girls cook and travel all the way to give him for us to eat. I just wish I was like him, i wish i had the vibe 

I’m 24years now and at this age, no idea bout my future, bout life, I can’t even relate with people, I’m just so sad, depressed and frustrated. At the moment the only job coming to my head is the military cause I served in a military barrack cause I choose it myself but most of the junior officers are trashing my interest by telling me not to waste my time say I no go survive am with my nature, that military needs tough people and endurance bla bla and on the other hand, my mum is saying Never she’ll never allow me join the military not over her dead body and she’s bout recruiting my Dad to and Sincerely I’m frustrated and my depression have taken another turn that over the past weeks I’ve been thinking suicide and it’s getting really high, I say I should type this here bfr the worse happen cause if I can’t be useful for myself what really is the point living??

Please this advice is to parent and intending parent/couples, pls and pls expose ur children to life, don’t over pamper your kids, work on them to make them sociable and outspoken, I swear you’ll be doing them a great favour. For me I thought my parent loved me, I thought they were trying to protect me but they’ve put me in a deep mess I have to face alone and just I pray I get the opportunity to make things right with me 

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