Barr Mrs Ego Queen Ezuma’s Inspiring Lifestyle, A Quintessential humble Woman. – Sixt-Media Lane Consult.

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Barr Mrs Ego Queen Ezuma’s Inspiring Lifestyle, A Quintessential humble Woman. – Sixt-Media Lane Consult.

In the words of Barr Mrs Ego Queen Ezuma ……………

I knew Long Ago That This Life Of Vanity will be full of empty for many people without sincere service to humanity and Godliness approach in all ramifications.

It was plato who during the golden age when history was risen as a major signs of the growing sophistication of the Anthenian society, declared that a life not examined is a life not worth living .

As myth gave ways to more accurate chronicling and prose replaced verse as the medium for preserving facts, the fifth century Greek came closer to the scientific spirit of free inquiry in modern times, memories are made of these!

She (Mrs Ezuma) continues , I always reflect on this popular verse in the Bible that says “What Shall it profit us as human being to gain the whole world and loose our souls to eternal damnation” and reminiscing on it always.

Barr Mrs Queen Ego Ezuma marking her birthday with Block Rosery ittle children in the Church.

Barr Mrs Queen Ego Ezuma is humility personified woman of excellent character who derives joy in mingling and helping the lonely , the hapless and helpless people in the society , she derives so much joy and pleasure in charity works such as impacting possetively and given succour to the needy such as the widows , motherless babies, the deprived and the displaced homeless people in the society too. She derives joy and so much happiness while mentoring young people in order to realize their God-given full potentials in life, no wonder she always marks her birthday either with the IDP’s or in the block rosery with the young people .

Despite being a renowned Lawyer and a known personality in our political firmament due to the various endeared and enviable roles she had played and are also still playing in our polity both in the National and in the various state level, she does not allow whatever elevated positions she finds her self to go into her head as she always maintain humility and simplicity in all sphere of life endeavour unlike most of our leaders today who allows their exalted positions and affluence to get into their head, Barr Mrs Ego Queen Ezuma’s lifestyle is a reverse and totally opposite of what is being obtainable from the the life of many today, she’s a shining light and an inspiration to this generation, if we begin to enumerate most of her Noble gestures and footprints in the sand of times, our space and time here may not contain it, no wonder she founded Voice for the less priviedged organization (Volpo) all in her bid to always advocate and make impact to the life of the hapless, helpless and deprived people in the society .

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